Eco Living

The fundamental objective at Gilpin Point, South Abaco is to encourage “green” investors to support and promote eco-tourism and eco-friendly living in the Bahamas. South Abaco is at the forefront of development and expansion, and is touted as the future of the Bahamas and the Caribbean. However, there are currently no eco-friendly developments in the Bahamas.

With the ever-changing environment, the magnificent earth we all share is in danger of further plunder. Development is, however, necessary in order to stimulate business and job opportunities in growing communities, and there are safer practices that need to be introduced. Due to the negative impacts development has imposed on the environment in the past, it is crucial to adopt a new form of development: sustained development.

Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future. While current first world countries polluted significantly during their development, the same countries encourage third world countries to reduce pollution. At Gilpin Point, we plan to bring this notion of sustainable living to fruition in the Bahamas.

“Going Green” is an important, positive initiative to save our planet and its withering environment. Gilpin Point prides itself on being an eco-friendly development in its effort to contribute to the cause and combat this epidemic. The number one priority is to create a luxurious, relaxing community while preserving the majority of the surrounding natural habitat.

South Abaco is currently a relatively pristine, untouched area with a plethora of breathtaking visual images waiting to be experienced. It is an unbelievable duty and honor to share this majestic beauty without transforming Gilpin Point into a run-of-the-mill resort. There is nothing quite like waking up, walking outside, and feeling as if you live in another world.

At Gilpin Point, we have several current and future objectives in order to achieve our goal of maintaining an eco-friendly community and promoting eco-tourism as a whole.

Locate Eco-Friendly Investors
It is vital to the success of Gilpin Point to find investors who are eco-friendly. This endeavor will not only ease the decision-making process during development/construction, but also supplement and support any other eco-friendly commitments the investor may be involved with. These investors must share similar objectives in maintaining the surrounding environment.

Designing, constructing and renting several eco-vacation-homes is a new frontier in Abaconian and Bahamian travel. We at Gilpin Point are extremely passionate about introducing this new way of vacationing to the rest of the world. Please refer to to find out detailed information about sustainable construction and to find ample examples of “green” homes.

Designate a Protected Parrot Habitat
Designating a “Parrot Corridor” at Gilpin Point will prevent further blunder to the already diminishing parrot habitat in the Bahamas. There is a specific area known as “coppice” where the native Parrots call home during breeding season. It is imperative to protect this area by identifying the “coppice” area to prevent building within the specified parameters. The Bahama Parrot is one of the most treasured birds in the Bahamas and an incredible sight to behold.

In addition, Gilpin Point is also home to several ponds and wetlands which act as havens for ducks and other birds. We are interested in preserving the majority of the wetlands to the best of our ability. These wetlands not only act as sanctuaries for important species, they also offer an opportunity to be studied and provide general history about South Abaco.

Preserve Indigenous Species
Indigenous species surrounding the landscape of Gilpin Point include Bahamian Sea Grape, Buttonwood, Cocoplum and Sea Oats. These trees give Abaco and the Bahamas as a whole its unique identity. During the bulldozing phase, it is easy to dismiss the trees covering the designated lot, which causes these important trees to be annihilated. Not only do these trees provide history, they also provide a lush landscape to be embraced. It is our goal to preserve these trees and expand their capacity through a process known as “mossing” (clippings from the tree are taken and re-planted elsewhere for increased exposure).

Green Nursery
An all natural nursery is underway with a variety of native trees, plants, fruits and vegetables for owners and visitors to purchase for landscaping and consumption. The nursery will be the ultimate afternoon adventure to use as a nature trail; picking fruits and vegetables for picnics on the beach; and planting a tree of your own. The earth provides us with so many wonderful, natural benefits to be incorporated in your daily lives. We work with nature as a symbiotic team with a common goal in mind. Giving back to the environment that has so richly rewarded us is a tribute to Mother Nature.

Utilizing Rainwater Tanks
Although Gilpin Point provides access to fresh groundwater, we are emphatic about instituting rainwater tanks for everyday water use such as showering, doing laundry, etc. Using these tanks will preserve the underground aquifer and allow us to use it for more specialized circumstances. The usage of rainwater tanks also cuts back on electricity costs ultimately saving money.

Wind & Solar Power
A future goal is to capitalize on the increasingly popular usage of wind and solar power. Gilpin Point is currently powered by the Bahamas Electricity Corporation. The use of BEC is necessary and will continue to be utilized. Wind and solar power will be used as a supplement to BEC and as an alternative energy source for those specifically requesting its usage.

Research and Promote Eco-Tourism
The Bahamas currently provides duty discounts for eco-friendly developments in the Bahamas. It will be crucial to follow eco-friendly and real estate blogs, and to keep abreast in eco-friendly homes/villas trends, eco-friendly transportation and other eco-friendly developments. Also, the use of “green” architects and building supplies will be a critical factor in realizing our objectives. Promoting eco-tourism via special events, news releases and blogging will be vital to the current and future success of Gilpin Point and all investors. These efforts will foster discussion, publicity, and overall support of sustainable living in the Bahamas.