As an investor, you can purchase a Lot to construct a home or cottage for personal use or for rental/timeshare. Any construction plans must first be approved by Gilco Development Co., Ltd., and subsequently carried out by our development team. Gilco Development Co., Ltd. offers the option to manage your rentals at a 20% commission fee. Additionally, in order to ensure the upkeep of roads and other amenities, you are required to pay an annual fee which will be discussed with you upon your decision to purchase a lot.

Gilco Development Co., Ltd. is also offering financing, lease options and/or partnerships. For further discussion please contact Gilco Development Co., Ltd. to determine which option is ideal for your investment.

Your investment guarantees access to regulation subdivision roads, common ground amenities, beach and ocean, fresh water supply from underground aquifer, electricity connection (lights, cable, DSL, etc.) provided by Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) and your own septic tank.

This is the quintessential investment opportunity for successful, career-driven individuals and for public figures/celebrities who are looking to combine business with pleasure. From construction plans, to interior design, to landscaping, to marketing ideas you will participate in the development of your investment from start to finish. Help create your own vision of paradise! Temporarily escape from the daily hassles of a busy work schedule or the glaring flash bulbs that infiltrate your personal life. Gilpin Point will become your home away from home for many weeks or months out of the year, and it will also allow you the opportunity to provide a luxurious getaway bearing your unique touch for others to experience.

*As an incentive, if you network an investor (friend, colleague, family member, etc.) for Gilpin Point and a sale is closed, you will be rewarded with a "finder's fee" for introducing Gilco Development Co., Ltd. to a client. Ways to do this are to forward the marketing plan via e-mail and/or draw traffic to the website. The "finder's fee" will be approximately half of the 10% commission Gilco Development Co., Ltd. receives.

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