Phase I
Phase I of Gilpin Point has been a tremendous success for Gilco Development Co., Ltd. All designated subdivision lots of the original 30 acres have been sold or kept within Gilco, Ltd. for further expansion. Each owner is confident with his/her investment, and is looking forward to breaking ground on his/her respective complexes in the near future. Each subsequent phase of Gilpin Point will culminate in a community representative of traditional Abaconian style: privacy and relaxation.

Amenities & Development:
• Regulation subdivision Quarry roads
• Electrical grid powered by BEC
• One house and two storage sheds (Lot #16 and #14-(Gilco, Ltd.))
• Sun Deck Lot #39 (Gilco, Ltd.)
• Two thatch huts at the “Point”
• Gazebo overlooking the Pond
• Rock wall perimeter around two lots
• Several wells to access fresh ground water for showers and beach/pond lots
• Three community outdoor fresh water showers
• Exotic fruit, flower and indigenous trees planted throughout Gilpin Point
• Other amenities including flag poles, hammocks, picnic tables, chairs, small boats etc.

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