Phase II

Phase II at Gilpin Point encompasses 5 acres of breathtaking land, with visually stunning beach front lots facing the east with an amazing backyard duck pond view. Phase II is Gilpin Point’s “Green Project”. With the help of investors, we aim to introduce a new way of living in the Bahamas by building eco-vacation-homes that uphold the standards of sustainable and environmentally responsible development. Some of the features will include sustainable building materials (flooring, concrete, appliances, etc.), solar panel roofing, wind turbines, & rainwater tanks. It is our objective to implement this way of building and living in each subsequent Phase at Gilpin Point. Please refer to our “green” section for more information.

Lot Description

Beach Lots: $200,000 (Two for $350,000)

Each of the available beach lots are 100 feet overlooking fluffy beaches, unique rock coves and vast blue ocean X 140 feet of exotic tree-laden, untouched land. Every beach lot has its own special view of the provoking scenery. One of the many distinctive characteristics representative of these beach lots, are the refreshing tide pools that form during high-tide and linger during low-tide below the honeycomb rock formations. At a maximum of three feet at specific times, these tide pools change temperature with the rising and setting of the hot sun. Depending on the time of day, the pools could be as cool as the ocean or as warm as a Jacuzzi. The tide pools provide romantic, uninterrupted relaxation for couples; and are also conducive to keeping children entertained without venturing into the ocean depths.
The back yard view borders a natural freshwater duck pond about 3-4 feet deep, which is frequented by ducks and various other native birds. At night, the moonlit pond provides an indescribable atmosphere ideal for dinners on your porch.

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